LLC ‘Vira-1’ is engaged in growing pigs meat breed


The enterprise had a status of the herd pig0breeding farm up to 2010 but on 2 April 2010, the Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine gave it a status of the Large White reproductive stud farm, the number of the Registry Certificate in the State Stud Book is UA 1335862521. A sow herd was registered in the State Stud Book. The pig complex involves fattening and reproductive pig farms equipped with the equipment produced by the joint venture ‘Terraexim-Agroimpex’ (Denmark-Poland) and meets the highest international standards.


The herd of sows was brought from specialized farms of England and the Czech Republic at the beginning of the project. Today, the genetic material of the reproductive complexes of the enterprise is imported from Denmark (“DanBredInternational”). The livestock is constantly renewing thanks to new replenishment sows from abroad. The complex supports the genetic lines of pigs (GGP, GP, F-1, F-2), growing own self-maintained flock.

The company works with two breeds of pigs which have proven their value worldwide: Landrace –as paternal line and Yorkshire or Large White – as the maternal line.
Landrace is characterized by an excellent constitution and outstanding multiple pregnancy (15,5 pigs born live for 1 farrowing) and a large weight of pigs at birth (1,7 kg at farrowing).
Yorkshire is characterized by a high amount of yield lean meat (67, 5%) and excellent maternal qualities.

Therefore, they are ideal for the production of gilts F1 which are used for the reproduction of commercial herds.


LLC ‘Vira-1’


3 Lutska Street
Novovolynsk, Volyn region
Ukraine, 45400

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2 Kovelska Street
Lutsk, Ukraine, 43000

Private enterprise ‘Vira-1’ successfully unites the experience in agriculture with the advanced technologic innovations to support the consistent quality and guarantee the high efficiency of the business activities.